Private Investigation

Background Investigations

Our firm uses a network of specialized software, proven source material and personal interaction/investigative techniques to conduct an intensive or limited investigative review that will help you develop insight and information and to verify the backgrounds of your job applicants, witnesses and other individuals that you may have contact with professionally or personally. The investigations are specifically tailored to the client’s needs. As a business owner you work hard everyday to ensure that your business or your law firm is successful and that your reputation is upheld. Don’t allow a potential employee or a witness damage what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Remember: each and every personnel decision you make affects your business. When hiring a new employee or deciding who to put on the stand to win your case, it’s important to make sure that you’re making the right decision.

Our firm’s process will review numerous sources, including criminal records; sex offender registries and other major watch lists; credit checks, civil litigation records, bankruptcy filings or other indicators of financial trouble; liens, judgments and uniform commercial code filings; and verification of degrees and professional licenses. In today’s day and age social networking sites, blogs, websites and the internet activity are just as important as any paper record that may exist. Allow Akshar Consulting, LLC. to locate this critically important information and to identify any potential problem that may exist.

Process Service

Our firm is committed to the quick and reliable service of subpoenas, orders, summons, complaints, family court orders and evictions. Rush Service Available.

If you suspect a current tenant is engaging in unlawful activity, don’t waste time and open yourself up to liability. Through proven surveillance and investigative techniques we will provide you with the evidence you need to facilitate an appropriate and lawful eviction. Because of existing tenant rights laws now more than ever landlords need to protect themselves and their investments. Akshar Consulting, LLC. is here to assist you in providing a thorough screening into a person’s past and present to guarantee that the tenant will meet all of your expectations.

Civil/Criminal Investigations

Whether it’s civil or criminal cases Akshar Consulting, LLC. works directly with attorneys and their clients, insurance companies, corporations and individuals in preparation for future litigation. Our experienced firm will locate witnesses, effectively interview those witnesses and provide the documentation that will give your law firm, your company and your team a substantial advantage when entering the courtroom. It is these critical witnesses that hold tremendous importance on the ultimate outcome of criminal or civil trials. Our firm also provides law firms with the needed surveillance to produce photographic/video evidence, thorough background checks, due diligence, we locate hidden assets, provide discovery assistance all of which will be summed up in a well documented investigative report. Our firm has the knowledge and experience necessary for in court procedure and providing professional testimony when appropriate.

Personal Injury/ Workers Compensation Fraud

As a business owner your legally required to have a multitude of insurance coverages for your employees and we all know how costly it is. The last thing either you or your insurance company wants to do is pay out fraudulent and bogus claims. We also know that whether you’re a business or an insurance company, the only way to maintain your bottom line is staying ahead of fraudulent claims. Akshar Consulting, LLC puts our expert surveillance and investigative skills to work to help you fight back, providing you the necessary evidence you need to stop the costly abuse which will keep you from paying further benefits when they aren’t warranted.

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