Akshar Consulting:

A Private Investigation and Security Consulting Firm

Leadership, Experience, Confidentiality

Akshar Consulting, LLC. was formed by Fred Akshar, who is motivated and inspired by the time he spent as a member of law enforcement, to provide a one of a kind consulting business that provides both private investigative services and security consulting tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Akshar Consulting, LLC. has revolutionized private investigation and security consulting services to encompass the growing needs of individuals, law firms, business owners and employers. The Akshar Consulting team will adapt to the ever-changing environment of security threats and will remain committed and focused on customer satisfaction and results. Our clients always come first!

Akshar Consulting, LLC. is a licensed and bonded private investigation and security consulting firm.

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As a Captain with the Broome County Sheriff’s Office, I found Fred Akshar to be an outstanding leader with impeccable ethics, always willing to assist in any manner he could. It was no surprise when I learned he was a fellow FBINAA member, as he possesses the qualities found in all graduates of the FBINA. As a fellow graduate of the FBINA and a member of the New York State & Eastern Canada Chapter of the FBINAA, Fred is part of the largest chapter in the association and the only chapter to cross international borders. When Fred left law enforcement to peruse a new career it meant losing a great leader and partner in the law enforcement arena. His strong character and sense of duty is what drives him to help the people of his community.

Deputy Chief Paul A. Sandy 
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Leadership, Experience, Confidentiality